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Google News and Yahoo News are the biggest automated news aggregators online. Millions of news junkies across the world read these news sources on a daily basis. If you want major exposure and publicity for your blogs Trenton Cannon Jersey , Google and Yahoo are where you want to be.

You will drive HUGE traffic to your blog plus you gain instant popularity from readers across the world! This is another great way to showcase your expertise and credibility to mass audiences.

Before you can submit your blog URLs, make sure to sign up for both a Google and Yahoo account (sign-ups are free!)

How Google News Works
Google \"crawls\" news sites and gathers articles. Headlines are crawled based on algorithmscertain factors: how often and the particular site where the story appears.

Google taps into more than 4,500 English-language news sources worldwide. There are NO human editors associated with selecting articles. They solely rely on online news outlets and online publishers to determine which stories have the most prominencerelevance. Google News consists of top stories and eight sections: World, Nation Chris Herndon Jersey , Business, SciTech, Sports, Entertainment Joe Namath Jersey , Health and Most Popular.

聲 Currently, Google News does NOT accept single articles or RSSAtom feeds.

聲 Submit blog URL - You have to answer a few questions first before you submit your URL. Google reviews your blog to determine if it\'s suitable for inclusion. They will notify you if your blog is accepted or if they need additional information. They cannot guarantee that your site will be added to Google News

聲 Google News Help Topics provides further information and tips for publishers.

How Yahoo News Works
Yahoo also gets millions of visitors to Yahoo News each day. Yahoo News works similar to Google News. There aren\'t human editors picking out top stories. Main stories (that you find on Yahoo News front page) are generated by content partners. Internal search stories are found via the Yahoo News indexing.

聲 Fill out the Yahoo News source form. Yahoo asks you to fill out some preliminary questions. You also need to be able to \"pitch\" your blog. Yahoo asks you why you recommend your blog so make it sound good!

聲 Yahoo News will determine if your blog is suitable for inclusion - they will contact you if your blog is accepted.

How to Get Your Blog Accepted

The competition is stiff when applying to Google News and Yahoo News, and many blogs are rejected. However, there are some publishing tips to keep in mind when creatingwriting your blogs.

聲 Original content - Unique content wins every time! Remember to make your content SEO-friendly and add relevant keywords. Don\'t duplicate content on your blogs!

聲 More than one bloggerauthor - Content from one writer alone won\'t do the trick - include guest bloggerswriters or ask another blogger to join you!

聲 Response time - Server response time (Bots look for pages they can index quickly and that load quickly for readers)

If Google News accepts your blog Leonard Williams Jersey , Google suggests adding sitemaps to your blog. Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and add sitemaps via the tools section. This is the easiest way to promote web traffic and for spiders to efficiently crawl your blog.
Laptops make a connection on the catwalk Computers Articles | July 17, 2007
Today portable computers are no longer restricted to a stereotype, and the search for a unique selling point in technological jungle has facilitated this shift as physical features become more prominent.

As technology advances at breakneck speeds, the scope for improvement and diversification becomes increasingly more difficult. As a result Jordan Jenkins Jersey , innovation now comes in the form of superficial and cosmetic enhancements. What was once a corporate tool to work on has now become a fashion accessory to fit into today?s hi-tech sophisticated world.

It?s pretty fascinating how opinions on laptops have changed over recent years. Not too long ago, laptops were strictly for business purposes only, and were only placed on public display by people who were using them for serious work. With the advent of wireless internet and networking, coffee shops Darron Lee Jersey , hotels and even trains have become hotspots for laptop owners. Suddenly, people could do what they would normally do at home in a public place, on a social level in the presence of their friends. With consumer tastes becoming more and more sensitive, laptop computers could no longer look cumbersome and ordinary ? aesthetics began to matter.

Before laptops became fashionable Jamal Adams Jersey , PC modifications existed in a way similar to how some people modify their cars. Fluorescent light tubes, water cooling systems, personalised cases and exaggerated fans started to appear in desktop towers. Apple also redesigned itself with the successful launch of the iMac which came in various different vibrant colours, transforming the consumer expectations as to what a computer could Nathan Shepherd Jersey , and maybe even should, look like. Apple has managed to sustain this level of innovation with the latest evolutions of the iMac and, as a corporation, is now known for its styling across various electrical markets. As a result Sam Darnold Jersey , Apple has managed to carve out a comfortable niche for itself. Shortly after they turned the computing industry on its head with their sense of style, Sony responded with their Vaio laptop and desktop computers. As more people begin to own computers, and as they become more of a household fixture, what a computer looks like becomes just as important as what it can do.

Microprocessor giant Intel has been busy coming up with concept ideas for new fashionable laptops. This has seen the birth of the slimmest and lightest laptop computer ever. Under the code name ?Intel mobile Metro notebook? Le\'Veon Bell Jersey , it was designed with the intent to replicate Motorola?s Razr mobile phone de. Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Football Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap NCAA Jerseys
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